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Anil Kumar, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor

University of Missouri-Kansas City
School of Pharmacy
Division of Pharmacology
2411 Holmes, M3-111
Kansas City, MO 64108
Telephone: 816-235-2415   Fax: 816-235-1776


Anil Kumar

Academic Background:

Ph.D. Kanpur University, Kanpur, India, 1987

Research Interests:

  • Effect of drug and alcohol abuse on pathogenesis of AIDS.
  • Identification of target of immune responses in HIV-1 during natural infection
  • Compartmentalization of HIV during natural infection
  • Vaccine approaches in monkey model of AIDS

Research Grants:

5R01AA015045-03 (Kumar) Alcohol and AIDS: Pathogenesis and Immunity in Macaque
5R21AI059361-02 (Kumar) Immune Targets during Natural Dengue Infection

Lab Members:

Ashish S. Verma, Ph.D.
Grissell Tirado, Ph.D.
Aseem Umesh, Ph.D.
Antonio Perez Casanova, M.S.

Research Publications (2006 only):

Kumar R, Orsoni S, Norman L, Verma AS, Tirado G, Giavedoni LD, Staprans S, Miller GM, Buch SJ, Kumar A. (2006). Chronic morphine exposure causes pronounced virus replication in cerebral compartment and accelerated onset of AIDS in SIV/SHIV-infected Indian rhesus macaques. Virology. Online publication PMID: 16876224.

Noel RJ Jr, Marrero-Otero Z, Kumar R, Chompre-Gonzalez GS, Verma AS, Kumar A. (2006) Correlation between SIV Tat evolution and AIDS progression in cerebrospinal fluid of morphine-dependent and control macaques infected with SIV and SHIV. Virology. 349:440-52.
Tirado G, Kumar A. (2006) Evolution of SIV envelope in morphine-dependent rhesus macaques with rapid disease progression. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 22:114-9.
Noel RJ Jr, Kumar A. (2006) Virus replication and disease progression inversely correlate with SIV tat evolution in morphine-dependent and SIV/SHIV-infected Indian rhesus macaques. Virology. 346:127-38.
Dhillon NK, Dhillon S, Chebloune Y, Pinson D, Villinger F, Kumar A, Narayan O, Buch S. (2006) Therapy of "SHIV" infected macaques with liposomes delivering antisense interleukin-4 DNA. AIDS. 20:1125-30.
Singh DP, Kubo E, Takamura Y, Shinohara T, Kumar A, Chylack LT Jr, Fatma N. (2006) DNA binding domains and nuclear localization signal of LEDGF: contribution of two helix-turn-helix (HTH)-like domains and a stretch of 58 amino acids of the N-terminal to the trans-activation potential of LEDGF. J Mol Biol. 355:379-94.
Norman LR and Kumar A. (2006)  Neuropscyhological Complications of HIV Disease and Substances of Abuse. Am. J Inf. Dis. 2:115-124.
Rivera-Amill V, Noel RJ, Orsoni S, Tirado G, Garcia J, Buch SJ and Kumar A. (2006) The variable region 4 of SIV envelope correlates with rapid disease progression in morphine-exposed macaques infected with SIV/SHIV. Virology. In press.

Noel RJ Jr, Toro-Bahamonde A, Marrero-Otaro Z,  Orsoni S, Verma AS, Kumar R, Kumar A. (2006) Lack of Correlation Between SIV-Nef Evolution and Rapid Disease Progression in Morphine-dependent Non-Human Primate model of AIDS. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 22:

Noel RJ and Kumar A. (2006) SIV Vpr evolution is inversely related to disease progression in a morphine-dependent rhesus macaque model of AIDS. Submitted.

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