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Michael Wei, Ph.D.

Graduated from TESOL Program, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
University of Maryland at College Park

Associate Professor and TESOL Program Director
University of Missouri - Kansas City
319 Education Building
615 E. 52nd Street
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499
Tel: 816-235-2498
Email: weiyou@umsystem.edu


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               I am the 2019 recipient of the UMKC Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching! The Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching is UMKC's highest honor for excellence in teaching by a UMKC faculty member with a distinguished and long-established career at the University. It recognizes faculty who are consistently superior teachers at the graduate, undergraduate or professional level over an extended period of time. The recipient must be a current full time, tenured associate or full professor with a minimum of five continuous years teaching at UMKC and 10 or more years in higher education.

   I joined the School of Education at University of Missouri - Kansas City in 2006. With more than 25 years of experience in working with English language learners, I have taught TESOL programs in elementary and secondary schools in the United States, middle schools in China, and at the university level in China, Thailand, and the United States.

          My research Interests include but not limited to applied linguistics, second language acquisition, reading/writing English as a second/foreign language, second language literacy, learning environments, etc.

         The TESOL program at UMKC offers three options:

         MA in Curriculum & Instruction-TESL: The MA in C&I-TESL is a 36 credit-hour degree program. As an MA in C&I, foundational courses include the areas of human development/educational psychology, foundations of education, educational assessment, research methods, diversity, and action research. The remainder of courses making up the TESL emphasis are specific to TESL and English language learning, including linguistics, intercultural communication, second language acquisition, teaching English in content areas, and teaching methods. The MA in C&I-TESL degree program is designed mainly for students, both domestic and international, who teach in U.S. PK-12 school settings, or who want to teach in intensive English programs attached to a university, community college, or abroad. Students in the MA in C&I-TESL not only receive a rich understanding of how English language is learned and taught in a variety of settings, but also gain knowledge of different characteristics (cultural, motivational, etc.) related to English language learners (ELLs). 

        ESOL Endorsement: ESOL Endorsement through the state of Missouri is a 30 credit-hour add-on program for teachers who have already earned initial certification in another area. Courses for the add-on certificate include linguistics, intercultural communication, second language acquisition, teaching English in content areas, education of exceptional children and youth, literacy intervention, educational assessment, and methods of teaching English as a second language.

       MA in C&I-TESL and ESOL Endorsement Combined: If you take MA in C&I-TESL and ESOL Endorsement together, six courses (18 credits) are the same. You take once, we count twice for you! 

       For those students who would like to pursue their Ph.D., TESOL is under the discipline of "Curriculum and Instruction" in School of Education, you are encouraged to contact me before you apply. After you are admitted, I will work out a customized program of study with you.

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