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UMKCís Graduate TESOL Program


Q.    Is there an undergraduate program for TESOL certification at UMKC?

A.    No. This is because Missouri does not offer TESOL as an area of certification, but only a TESOL endorsement to currently certified teachers.


Q.    Why should I choose UMKC's TESOL program over other local programs?

A.    UMKC's School of Education has small class sizes, people from diverse backgrounds, and is located in the middle of a thriving and growing urban setting. And since the population of non-English language groups is growing, Kansas City is virtually a classroom itself.


Q.    What programs are offered?

A.    Currently UMKCís School of Education offers three programs for TESOL study: 1) Endorsement in TESOL for Missouri teachers who already have certification, 2) the Master of Arts Degree in Education, with emphasis in TESOL, and 3) TESOL is part of UMKCís Interdisciplinary Ph.D (I.Ph.D) program.


Q:    What are the requirements to be admitted into the TESOL endorsement-only program?

A:     UMKC offers TESOL endorsement for teachers who are already certified for teaching in Kansas and/or Missouri. Without a certificate, you cannot gain the endorsement. The Master's degree option is available whether you have certification or not. Application is through the Admissions office,


Q.    How do I apply for the M.A. or I.Ph.D program?

A.    All applications must be made through UMKCís Admissions office. You can download a paper application or apply online. Visit


Q.    What will happen if I am accepted?

A.    Having been accepted, students should then contact Dr. Wei to set up an advising appointment (


Q.    I would be attending as an international student. Is the application process different?

A.    Go to this website for detailed requirements:    


Q.    What are the requirements for entering the program?

A.    You will need a bachelorís degree from an accredited institution, with a satisfactory academic record.


Q.    Will I need to take the GRE?

A.    The GRE is required only at the I.Ph.D. level of study.


Q.    What is the deadline for application?

A.    The endorsement and MA programs in TESOL at UMKC have no specific deadline for application. Please leave sufficient time to prepare before the semester in which you want to begin study. The deadline for I.Ph.D. is February 15 (Fall semester only).


Q.    Where do I send my transcripts?

A.    Transcripts should be sent directly to UMKCís Admissions office. UMKC requires a transcript record of all undergraduate and graduate coursework which resulted in a degree. More information about UMKCís Admissions office is located at


Q.    What are the graduate fees for the M.A. and I.Ph.D. programs?

A.    Fee information is subject to change every year and can be found by contacting the School of Graduate Studies.


Q.    There is a problem with my application--who should I contact?

A.    Admissions should be contacted directly. Go to International students should contact the International Student Affairs Office


Q.    Can I look at a course catalog?

A.    A catalog of classes may be found at


Q.    What are the course requirements for the MA TESOL program?

A.    Detailed course requirements can be found here:


Financial Aid FAQís


Q.    How can I get financial aid?

A.    American students should begin by filling out a FAFSA, in order to determine if Government assistance is available. Other opportunities include getting a position as a GRA or GTA, or getting a student loan. International students should contact the International Student Affairs Office at


Q.    I am interested in GRA and/or GTA opportunities--who can I talk to for this?

A.    The director and advisor of our program, Dr. Wei, can give you detailed information if you email him.


Q.    Are fellowships available?

A.    Students interested in fellowships should go to:


Q.    What if I still need to get a loan?

A.    UMKC financial aid office will be able to assist you with your options; you may want to look to private companies, as well. Go to, or email, or you can call 1-800-775-8652.


Q.    Are there opportunities to work on campus?

A.    Certainly! UMKC employs many student staff members in various occupations. Upon coming to campus, visit the Career Services office, which usually stays in touch with openings on campus. Donít forget to look around and ask on your own!


FAQ's about TESOL Certification


Q: Where can I find out more information about getting an initial teaching certificate in Kansas or Missouri?

A:     You can find out more information about what UMKC's School of Education offers for teacher certification, Bachelor's and Master's degrees at

        You may also want to look at Missouri's certification website,


Q:    Can I get state or national certification in TESOL in Missouri or Kansas?

A:     Currently, both Kansas and Missouri offer only an endorsement for TESOL, which would be in addition to your current certification.


Information for prospective international students


Q:    I am an international student. Will my current degree be honored by UMKC?

A:     The Admissions office will work together with the International Student Affairs Office to determine whether your previous university is accredited for UMKC's purpose.


Q:    Will the classes I have taken so far be honored by UMKC?

A:     Again, the Admissions office will work together with the International Student Affairs Office and the Department in order to determine this.


Q:    Will I have to take prerequisite courses before entering the M.A. TESOL program at UMKC?

A:     This will depend on your current Bachelor's degree when it is reviewed.


Q.    I will be an international student. How can I get a student visa?

A.    You can visit this website from UMKCís International Student Affairs Office:


Q.    What are the fees for international students in the M.A. TESOL or I.Ph.D programs?

A.    Fee information for international students at UMKC can be found at 


Housing and Kansas City


Q.    What kind of environment is the campus like?

A.    UMKCís main campus is located in the heart of midtown Kansas City, within a few blocks of Kansas Cityís Country Club Plaza.


Q:    How safe is campus?

A:     UMKC campus has its own police force which patrols the campus 24 hours per day. The residence halls, in particular, have a staff member at the welcome desk 24 hours per day. The doors typically close at 8pm, and require a student ID for entry.


Q.    Where can I find more about housing?

A.    The University Housing webpage has the information about on-campus housing.


Q.    What kind of housing is available on campus?

A.    Currently, Oak Street and Cherry Street Residence Halls are open for dormitory-style housing on the main campus.


Q:    Is it required to live on campus at UMKC?

A:     Only freshmen and sophomores in specific programs are required to stay on campus. This will likely not apply to any TESOL program students.


Q.    What kind of housing is available close to campus?

A.    The Plaza, Brookside, midtown and downtown areas of Kansas City have many apartment buildings. It would be best to find them on your own before you come. Useful web searches are,,,,  or


Q.    I would like to rent a house. Can UMKC help me?

A.    UMKC has some houses that are available for rent. The Residential Life Office gives preference to faculty and graduate students. They can take your information and application by phone at 816-235-8956.


Q.    What if I am interested in purchasing a home?

A.    For those looking to purchase a house close to campus, working with a real estate agent would be the best choice.


Q:    I want to live in the on-campus housing. How can I apply?

A:     You will need to apply as early as possible, because contracts are usually sent out in February for Fall Semester residence.


Q:    I have heard that there will be an apartment complex on UMKC campus--how can I live there?

A:     The building may be completed as early as Fall, 2008.


Q.    Can I get a babysitter on campus?

A.    As of yet, there is only one child care center on UMKC, and it is mostly occupied with serving the students of faculty and staff, so you will most likely need to set up your own babysitter.


Questions about visiting UMKC and Kansas City


Q:    How can I schedule an in-person on-campus tour to find out more about UMKC?

A:     UMKC's Welcome Center ( gives three options for your needs: 1) To join an official Campus Visit Day with our Admissions staff, click "Visit Days." 2) Click "Schedule a Visit" to set up a visit time according to your time schedule, or 3) call 1-800-775-8652 (local, 816-235-8652) to set up a smaller, more personal visit time with Admissions staff members.


Q:    Where can I find more information about Kansas City?

A:     Kansas City's travel website will give you lots of information about what you can do in Kansas City. Go to


Q.    What is there to do on campus?

A.    The dorms have various recreational facilities. Swinney Recreation Center is a popular place to work out, swim, play basketball or even soccer. Student Life and Activity and Program Council hold social events regularly all over campus.

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